The meek shall inherit the earth...



Hello and welcome to Brosis and your new name is Iain and I developed brosis so that we all have a say in the future of our world...we need to get voted into power in all leveles of government then create web sites at local and federal levels to vote on the  issues at hand...this will in turn eliminate all the gravy sucking pigdog polititions giving us a real say in our for brosis and let's inherit the earth...




We are living in dangerous times and things need to change urgently and imediately if we want to survive on this planet much longer...our governing system is is killing us...we have no say in our futures...we vote eitherleft or right and both are controlled by the 1%ers... spending is out of control, just the cost to run the federal government for one year is 50 billion dollarsl and do we really need all those highly paid polititions arguing like a bunch of kindergarten kids in the house of is so ineffective...we now have the technology to do this from our phones and computers and get rid of 80% of polititions and save billions...we need to unite and start working as a human race to repair the damage we have inflicted on  our planet...could you imagine if everyone worked together instead of competeing with each other, scientists, doctors, pharmicutical companies, teachers, nurses...We could end sickness, hunger, poverty, war, terrorism, what couldn't we do.... I believe everything is negottiable, war and terrorism could be avoided by negotiating...but the war mongers can't let this happen or they would'nt make any money...war only exists because it makes the few the many we have to end this uncivilized waste of life and resourses...people only want what's fair and to be when us the "many" vote BROSIS into office in all levels of government...we can then vote on all the issues...the many will be heard and it will be undeniably fair...transparentgoverning system...ending conflict...

We need to start working as a whole planet not as independant countries (divided we fall)...we need to start making things to last...things that are interchangeable cars, trains, planes, busses, chargers...stop producing things made to fail and end up in our landfills after a few useages or a few years...Quality fixable, reusable, rebuildable...this can and has to happen if we want a place or our children and our childrens children to flourish...

So let's do this...its only a few votes away...first order of bussiness...get Brosis elected for mayor of Vancouver (who wants to be the Mayor of Vancouver) then the federal election (who wants to be primeminister),after that the provincial election (who wants to be Premier)...VOTE for brosis and have a true say in your future...

I need some help here... as of now I have done this mostly by myself (pardon the grammer LOL)...If you would like to hep out or have any questions my # is 778 709 get in on the ground floor of the greatest political movement ever created...OR, keep on compaining about how we are controlled  the 1%ers...

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