When Brosis first started out we thought getting our party elected into governments around the world would be the way to fix our broken world and make things become civilized.

We soon realized based on the democratic history of the world that this would take far too long and be an ineffective way to go. The world needs us now!

So Brosis has become a movement, a movement that will faze out governments, dictatorships and dictate what our oppressors can and can't do. We the people us 99%ers, once united, will lead the world in a peaceful, environmentally friendly direction by deciding issues in real time using the technology that we have right now by voting on the issues at hand.

We will no longer waste trillions of dollars arguing endlessly in archaic chambers and courts. Politics and it’s secrets will be a thing of the past and our word can have a healthy happy stress free future. We have kept the old pages on this website to let everyone see how brosis has evolved since its inception and will keep all of the pages up as we move into the future….

These are some of our Ideas to get elected. By signing up to the web site you will be able to vote on these and become part of the BROSIS political movement...

  • Set up web sites in all levels of government so we can all vote on the issues...creating a truly democratic and transparent government...this will give us a true say in our futures and eliminate the gravy sucking pig dog polititions...
  • Stop letting our children die in war…we are brainwashed into thinking it’s ok to let our children go to war…WAR stops here...Let's impose a 100% tax on automatic weapons and weapons of destruction... and yearly reductions in armed forces until they are gone….what a huge waste of money for us, but what a huge money maker for the 1%ers…The world spends 14.5 trillion on war each year...It would cost 300 billion to house and feed the homeless the poor and the refugees (everone deserves a safe healthy place to live)...
  • Aggressively address our failing mental heath industry…this problem will keep getting worse if we keep on letting our poverty stricken children be raised with out love and nourishment…this is the root of the problem…let's impose a system that looks after our our less fortunate babies...
  • Initiate new rules and laws for pharmaceutical companies…make it noncompetitive and encourage companies to work together…and if the pharmaceutical company is found to have a cure and is still selling the remedy they will loose 50% of their company...and there will be a 1 million dollar reward for people who inform brosis of these unethical practices…
  • Legalise all drugs…All drugs become for sale over the counter…the only reason some drugs are legal and some are not is because when we make all drugs legal all the judges, lawyers, jailers police and gangsters will be saying would you like fries with that... cause they won’t have a job...there by stopping 90% of crime and and saving us billions…
  • Impose a 1%tax on companies and individuals that make over 1 million dollars a year a 2% tax for over 10 million and 5% for companies that make over 100 million...this money will go directly to education (every child deserves a chance for an education) and heathcare...mostly mental health and rehabilation...
  • Simplify and covert law into laymen terms so that every one can read and understand it…there by making giving every one a better chance to succeed…
  • reenact the old laws that make conglomerates and monopolies illegal again…giving everyone  a fare chance to succeed…
  • Make traffic safer…increase speeds for cars and lower it for semi trailers…making it illegal for semis to over take especially in extreme weather conditions...Just like it is in the U.S.A.
  • I.C.B.C. privatised...
  • Create a more sanitary environment by invoicing new laws that make grocery stores disinfect the belts at the checkout twice a day and clean all baskets and carts once a week…as well as upgrading the cleanliness of restaurants…so we don’t get sick as often…
  • These are only ideas and will have to be voted on by you internally to go forward...we welcome all advise and ideas!


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